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Sat, Apr. 24th, 2004, 01:56 pm

QT memories of joy: going to QT in speech suits, going to QT when James had his natquals medal, going to QT in speech suit con lalyah and having creep history stalker boy ask me why I went to the gas station all dressed up the following monday (ewwwwww, and then he was like "I live across the street. Do you live near there?" to which I respond "no" to which he says "well where do you live". I told him Northern and Bethany Home and he was quite satisfied that I lived "pretty close" to where he does. I still cry at night about that one, lemme tell yah.)
Oh...QT...right, uh...QT is glorious, clearly. I like that you can get diet doctor pepper with vanilla in it. I miss 53 cent sodas in the summer and 2 for a dollar peanut M&M's. Even if they were those funked out gray M&M's. And that's pretty upsetting.
Another QT memory was when we were trying to go to the QT that y'all did not believe existed but we were in the wrong lane to turn and so we drove by it and James was like pressed up against the car window. Good times.